Lois Walker

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Volunteer Spotlight is a feature designed to help you get to know the people who give their time and talents at Open Door Resource Center to support the families of Wyandot County.  This week the spotlight is on Lois Walker who is pictured above right with her friend and fellow Open Door volunteer Getta Allebach.  

After leaving a successful career as a counselor and home health aide, Lois Walker felt something was missing from her life.  Walker, who volunteers at Open Door Resource Center as a receptionist and office worker, says she was at a point in her life where she “needed something meaningful to fill my time.”  She believes she has found that and “then some” at Open Door.

Walker says she was hesitant at first to do volunteer work because she “likes everything done well and I wasn’t sure I could do that” because of lingering health concerns.  She soon discovered that these issues did not preclude her from being of service.  “You never know what a kind word and a smile can do for someone who has fallen on hard times,” she said.

One of the reasons Mrs. Walker has continued to give her time at Open Door is the strength she finds in her peers at the agency, especially the ladies who she refers to as her “ sister volunteers.”  “Anytime I’ve had a question,” she recalls “someone has always been there to ask.” Lois has been at Open Door for almost a year now and is beginning to feel at home.  “I love that we pray with people and really look for solutions to their problems” she said.  

Walker believes the desire to give back to the community is nearly universal, but many people are hesitant because they, like she, wonder if they would be able to make a significant contribution.  “To people who are scared” Walker counseled “I would say give volunteering a try.  Don’t let fear hold you back.”

At the end of the day Lois knows what keeps her coming back to give her time.  “When you are working with people that are struggling, it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it because I know that I’ve done something worthwhile.”